I recently picked up a couple Honda's, a 2005 r12x
and a 2007 f12x. They both started pretty easily when I first bought
them. They progressively were harder and harder to start, so I got new
plugs. They started up perfectly with new plugs, but then progressively
started to get harder and harder to start, like the plugs were fouling
out. By accident, I found out that if I raised the ignition coils up
about 1 inch, the cylinders will fire off perfectly and smoothly. I've
even got to the point now that I remove the hold down screw, pull up the
coil, barely screw in the hold down screw, and then let the coil rest
about 1 inch above being flush and the ski runs perfect. What's even
more odd, after warming the engine up, I can drop the coils back down
and the ski runs fine. Any idea what's up with this kind of weirdness
???? I'm truly baffled !