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    Apr 2010
    ontario canada (Niagara r

    Default 1999 seadoo Challenger 1800

    I would like to order a replacement set of impellers for my seadoo challenger
    but have a few questions first. I live in canada and tried to find out the shipping costs on your site but could only find them for engines. What courier do you use for Canadian shipments. and approx cost? Would you consider shipping united states postal service. they seem to be the cheapest way to get small packages into Canada.
    The 2 week turn around for cores is that set in stone as I will need to get them up here to Canada have them installed and returned to you. The dealer will not order the other parts i need till he has the boat. They could take a few to get so 2 weeks maybe tight.

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    Jeremy-SBT Guest

    Default Re: 1999 seadoo Challenger 1800


    Thank you for your interest in SBT. We can ship to Canada via FedEx international economy. The rates vary per postal code. We do not ship via USPS because they do not have tracking capabilities outside the U.S.

    Since you are in Canada we will need your core first. Please email your postal code and any other questions to

    Thank you,

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    Sep 2010

    Default 1999 seadoo Challenger 1800

    I wonder if there is a way to put a small trolling gas or electric motor on my 18ft Seadoo Challenger boat. It has 2 engines.

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