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    Apr 2010

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    i have a hole in the side of a 2006 fx ho block. the hole is on the number 4 cylinder on the front side (exhaust side) of the block. i was wondering if i post pics of the block inside and out if yall could give me an estimate of the repair costs. i believe the block is repairable but want a second opinion. also i was wondering if the oil pump on this engine is part of the exchange. thanks

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    Please send the pictures to : We will take a look and send you a note back.
    Ericka Buczkowski

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    Jan 2018

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    Hello Ericka, did SBT end up fixing this block? Do you know why it had a hole in the side? Did the owner say what caused it to get a hole in the side? I have a 2007 Yamaha VX1100, 2007 SVHO and 2 x 2009 Kawasaki Ultra 250X all with dropped bottom ends or holes in the side.

    They are open water systems, I am yet to pull them apart and diagnose the damage but interested to see what SBT have experienced with this.

    John Piestrzeniewicz

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    Jun 2016
    Clearwater, Florida

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    The original post was in 2010. I don't think Ericka will remember this one.
    If you send us pictures we might be able to evaluate.

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    Feb 2019

    Default fx ho engine

    I was wondering if there is a way to decode the interceptor engine code that's stamped on the front? Im hoping it could help me to find out the year of my 60's hydrodyne. Thanks for any and all help in advance. By the way, if you guys need to breake all captchas - I reccomend this: XEvil 4.0: powerful captcha solver, included ReCaptcha-2!

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