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Thread: starter relay

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    May 2010
    tampa fl

    Default starter relay

    hey SBT you didnt have a starter relay in your online catalog do you folks carry them also? I have a 97 seadoo XP the oem # is 278 000 513 i ordered a large order today so if you have them i would like to include it in my order. order# 35918

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    I have passed on your request to Jeremy the sales manager.
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    Ericka Buczkowski

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    Jeremy-SBT Guest

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    We do not have the starter relays for sale. can order one for you. The price is 41.99.

    See attached link

    Thank you

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    Sep 2010

    Default starter relay

    I just ordered some parts to make up some Starter Relay Circuits. If anyone is interested in me making them one let me konw. I figure the cost will be around 10.

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