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    Jul 2010
    Palm Bay, FL

    Default Prefered dealers / Mechanics list


    Does SBT have a list of preferred dealers, installers, shops, individual mechanics if I choose not to do the removal / install myself?

    I've been to the two local dealers over the past year and they jacked up the price of the engines I needed. I assume you have a dealer program where they get the units at a discounted price. It's sad that a dealer takes advantage of us all by selling the same unit (parts only) for $1400 when I can buy it for under $1000 with shipping.

    On top of that they're charging $65/ half hour for labor. Really steep prices all the way around. I want to find someone or a dealer that will give me a fair price is all.


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    Sep 2003
    Lakeland Fl.

    Default Re: Prefered dealers / Mechanics list

    are both motors dead or is that what sombody told you, are these the carbed motors if so rebuild the carbs the same time, if you need help we are here.
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