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    May 2009
    Sweetwater, TN

    Default Steering Cable End Connectors

    Hello all;

    I just bought an SBT steering cable and was hoping that it came with the cable end-connectors so everything would be freshened up on my steering setup (between the helm and the jet nozzle). Any idea where I can get new, replacement cable ends for my '90 TS? I tried calling my local Kawasaki bike / PWC dealership and they couldn't come up with anything that would suffice.


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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: Steering Cable End Connectors

    Browns leisure world may have them, we sell the cable the same way the O.E does, so if the O.E doesn't come with it then ours will not.
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    May 2009
    Sweetwater, TN

    Default Re: Steering Cable End Connectors

    Thanks for the info, but the only PWC I could find there is the Tiger Shark and I have a Kawasaki TS 650. The steering connectors offered there are significantly different between manufacturers.

    I was under the mistaken impression that the steering cables were complete with the connectors due to this statement on the main steering cables page: "SBT sells high quality Steering cables for most jet ski models. Constructed using internally lubricated stainless steel cable, OEM connectors, and high strength sheathing, SBT Cables are a drop in replacement for your worn, stretched, or broken cable."

    I also misunderstood when I ordered a "Driveline Repair Kit", which is actually a driveshaft support bearing / bulkhead seal unit, and nothing more than that. I was thinking that in order to repair the driveline, it would have included the pump bearings & seals too, so imagne my surprise when I opened the package after paying $130 and found that I still needed to buy more parts in order to actually rebuild my driveline.

    And I see on the Kawasaki Driveline page there is now a bearing & seal rebuild kit for the support housing / bulkhead seal housing, but this is called a "Driveline Repair Kit" too. I'm not saying the text is misleading, just that it's not comprehensive enough of a description for a potential purchaser to make an informed purchase. It is nice that pictures are supplied with these items, but a savy online shopper knows that images of items offered for sale online can be a representative image, rather than being all-inclusive, so we tend to rely more on the written word for better accuracy of what is available.

    Otherwise, thanks for what you guys provide for us out here!

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