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    Jun 2011
    Tarpon Springs

    Default pump alignment for 2004 F12

    Installing my new SBT engine in 2004 F12, I did not remove the Drive Shave Bearing Housing, but did remove the pump to have impeller rebuilt.

    The manual references using a special alignment tool to be used when re-aligning the engine to pump and it is part of the instructions for re-installing the motor.

    How much of these alignment steps are needed to replace the motor if the Drive Shaft Bearing Housing is in original position? Are there other techniques that do not need the special tool? I don't want to bypass an important step, but this step is holding me up from the water!!!

    While I am at it:

    - If I need the alignment tool, where is a good source?
    - Where is a good source for engine mount shims?


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    Jun 2011
    Tarpon Springs

    Default Re: pump alignment for 2004 F12

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Coupler.jpg 
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ID:	3443Also in the manual, the Parallel Allignment step describes a tolerance between the end of one coupler blade and the base of the opposing coupler. The tolerance is described "the maximum reading of the clearance is within 0.2 mm". I am interpreting this as not specifying an actual distance between the coupler blade and the opposing coupler base, only that the gap should not vary more than 0.2mm between all the blades. Am I understanding this correctly?

    The implication is that this gap between coupler blade and base of opposing coupler would be measured with a feeler gage, but my gap is over 1/4 inch. Is that indicative of another problem? I attached a photo

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    Jun 2011
    Tarpon Springs

    Default Re: pump alignment for 2004 F12

    As Rosanna-Rosanna-Danna used to say, "Never Mind". First I notices that the rubber coupler bushing was in backwards, that caused the large gap, then I found the video on the forum on how to align engine and followed those instructions.

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