Just finished breaking in my new SBT engine and my FI alarm is going off with code 25 which indicates a "Knock Sensor circuit Malfunction".

Here is some additional info:

- Ran motor about 8 hours before the first alarm went off. No problem during break-in or for the first few hours of normal operations.
- I can run it the next morning half an hour or so before the alarm goes off
- If I disconnect the harness long enough for the display to time out. I can then restart it an run another 10-15 minutes before the alarm comes on.
- The longer I let it sit after alarm, the longer it will run. As if cooling off seems to help.
- I bought 30 gallons of 93 octane, this batch was used during breakin and for a few hours of normal running without the FI error, so I think the fuel is not the cause.
- I never had this error on the old engine where the sensor originally came from. Granted I could have damaged it during transfer....

I am going to order a new knock sensor, but are there other likely causes?

Am I risking engine damage to run it until the knock sensor goes off, then the 1/4 mile back to the dock while the FI alarm is beeping?