This is in regard to a 1999 tigershark TS 1100 LI with FICHT. I am hoping anyone with a similar system can offer some suggestions.

I ordered the computer cable and software to read info from the EMM. Upon hooking it up everything seemed normal, I was able to read any codes, clear codes, and run various test. I ran a test for each injector, each ignition coil, etc... All the test appear to work normally. When I disconnected everything and tried to start the engine it will not fire and the fuel pump did not prime the line as it normally does. I double checked all the wiring and everything is plugged back in as it was. The I hooked it back up to the computer again, and all the previous tests still work when in the diagnostics software. Engine still doesn't fire when back to normal state. Is there anything special you have to do after using the diagnostics software? Is it possible I somehow fried my EMM during this test?