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    Mar 2011
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    Smile 1999 Tigershark 900 issues Please help!

    Good Afternoon!

    We are having some issues with my father in laws 1999 Tigershark 900. It has been sitting for 2 years. The last time he took it out on the lake he said he was having problems with the bilge pump it stopped working. He also said that he rode it around for a good 15-20 mins with no problems then it would make this loud pop noise. He shut it off paddled back to shore hit the reset button and it started back up again. It was then put back on the trailer and has been sitting ever since. This spring the bilge pump was replaced with a new one from Arctic Cat along with a new battery. Upon doing so it seemed to run fine on the trailer. A few weekends ago we took it to the lake since it seemed to be running fine. Took it for a ride and it seemed to be running great. Not to mention it was a super comfortable ride. Then, it started cavitating. It didn't want to pull itself out of the water up to plane. So I started going back to shore. While I was coming around this island the ski just shut off. Pressed the start button and it started up again no problems. 100 feet or so it shut off again. Started back up and got back to shore. Put it back on the trailer and found out the hull was taking on water and the bilge wasn't working only making a clicking noise. While the ski was pulled up to the dock with the seats off we didn't notice any water leaking into the hull. I am hoping that someone can help me out. Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: 1999 Tigershark 900 issues Please help!

    A leaking shaft seal can cause the cavitation, water splashing around in the ski will also carb issues and electrical issues.
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