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    Jul 2012
    Folsom CA

    Default Minimum octane for R12X

    07 R12X manual says minimum 91. Will run on 86 but not over 5k rpm.
    I live in California where the premium is 91 and regular is 87. Oxegynated to boot.
    I'm going on houseboat for a week and you are not allowed to bring your own fuel.
    They only have 87 available at the marina. Will I be OK or should I add a little Octane booster.

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: Minimum octane for R12X

    You should run the 91 or better octane, I dont think the octane booster will help as much as you want it too.
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    Jul 2012
    Folsom CA

    Default Re: Minimum octane for R12X

    I run 91 if I can get it. I'm just hoping it keeps the knock sensor happy and not do damage to the motor.

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