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    Apr 2002

    Default Economical STX-15f fuel pump replacement

    Wanted to post this just in case anyone needs to replace the fuel pump in their STX-15f. The Airtex E8335 fits perfectly and available from both autozone and advance. Download an advanceautoparts coupon from, and order online for store pickup, I managed to get my pump for less than $50. You will also need a new fuel strainer, the part number for that is an FS203. Both of these are spec'd to fit a Subaru Impreza, ~2007:

    Fuel pump: Airtex E8335
    Strainer: Airtex FS203

    The pump will need to be wired properly to ensure it's running in the right direction. If you hold the pump with the fuel outlet pipe up and the terminals on the bottom, the negative terminal is on the right and the positive terminal is on the left.

    The wires from the wiring harness to the fuel pump housing are as follows: black is negative, red/white is positive.

    This pump is spec'd to flow up to 55 gph (about 200 lph) at 100 psi (ski requires about 43). Don't waste money getting a 255 lph pump, a 170hp non-supercharged engine only requires approximately 70 lph and a stock Subaru pump will provide plenty of gas.
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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: Economical STX-15f fuel pump replacement

    Great info thank you.
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