I am working on a pair of TS 1999 770 TSL boats for a friend. One boat a cracked exhaust manifold. The other was said to not run and that it had no spark. After investigating the boat that would not run. There was about a quart of NASTY black oil in the bilge. As I cleaned the bilge I discovered the oil injection pump had been removed and replaced with a block off plate. The oil tank was full and the outlet plugged with a cap like I see in the adapter kits here. After cleaning the bilge, I the started testing things and found the starter is stuck. After removing the starter I found the engine was also stuck. I have not investigated the starter other than to remove it. I was able to free the engine with not much effort by using a wrench on two flats I found on the drive shaft. I have determined the engine needs a major overhaul or new engine.

I swapped the good exhaust manifold from the bad engine to the one that runs. When I removed the broken manifold from the good engine, it had 3-4 ounces of nasty black oil in the manifold elbow. Is this a normal situation? I used to race motorcycles (many years ago) and never have seen 2 cycle oil like this.

I called the owner and informed him that one boat had no oil injector pump. I am assuming from his reaction to the news that he has NOT been mixing oil in the gas on this boat. So far I have looked into the exhaust ports and see the rear piston is badly scored. Then I removed the head and the rear cylinder is just as badly scored and must be re-sleeved. I have no idea what the bottom end looks like. I assume it has needle bearings so it is possible the crank is not ruined. But I cannot be sure of that. I am thinking it might be best to simply replace this engine with a rebuilt one, If he wants to have it repaired.

My questions are;

1) Is regular TigerShark injector oil BLACK? I have never seen black 2 cycle injector oil. Typically it is blue or green. I have seen some synthetic 2 cycle oils that are red. Also there was so much of this black unburned oil in the exhaust manifold of the running boat.. is this a normal situation?

2) Does the crank have needle bearings? What are the odds the crank has survived being run without oil until the pistons made the engine fail?

3) Has anyone used a SBT rebuilt engine?

4) I need to decide if I should get a new oil injector pump for the one boat, or take the one off of the other boat so they are BOTH the same. I am leaning toward taking the other pump off so that both boats use the same mixed gas. Any thoughts on this? We used to take them off of our race bikes so we could mix and be sure to have the correct ratio.

5) Finally is there an easy way to check the ignition system on the broken boat since I cannot crank the engine over? Maybe take the cover off the front and move the sensor manually back and forth across the flywheel?