another problem child was brought in. Why do I attract these? a 2005 Honda turbo aquatrax F12X came in with no seat nor side panels. charming! I am the "subcontractor" of sorts, so the complaint was a leaking exhaust manifold. they wanted to weld the manifold. I removed it and noticed that the water inlet in the front (there is a similar one on top) was also cracked. three months later, they bring the manifold back but not the inlet!??!!? they have lost it. I cannot really determine from various dealer websites (they all use the same programs) which system I have. one model has an extra inlet in the front of the inlet and the other one just has the one in the side. I cannot remember from three months. I can buy one that is solid in front and just drill and tap another inlet if I need to. 3 months has served to make me forget most of this, but I was wondering if anyone knew which inlet this model uses? again , this is the one on the lower front of the exhaust manifold. I know that I can count the water lines, but was hoping for an answer to keep me from pulling my thinning hair looking for a water line that does not exist. plus, I am suffering from one of the worst colds in my life and I am seeing double and sometimes triple anyway.