purchased this ski last fall 42 hours on machine, has a new SBT motor which was purchased 2 years ago but he never got it up and running.. It hasn't seen the water until this year, today was 3rd day on this new SBT motor. prior to the First launch I replaced the one way starter gear bearing which was bad, so I replaced all the components. new starter, rebuilt carbs, readjusted TPS which has an output of 3.72 volts@ full throttle. on dry land once TPS was adjusted it sounded awesome..however in water where it counts, ski would get to 5500rpm and somewhat sluggishly and that was all it had. in the mean time my son is flying by me on my 900ZXi. It idles and dry runs beautifully, I took apart the electrical box and it was dry, will check coil outputs tomorrow. I did compression test and each cylinder was 82#. this is suppose to be 98-155, what am I suppose to do with this motor at this point. warranty ran out in May 2015