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    Jun 2011
    Tarpon Springs

    Default COrrect ECM for 2003 T3

    I just purchased a 2003 T2 turbo which likely has bad ECU and I am trying to find a replacement.

    The current part number is 38770-HW3-673. I have four questions:

    1. I also have a 2004 N3(non-turbo) which works fine and would like to verify the 2003 T2 ECU is bad byswapping them, the N3 part number is 38770-HW2-731. Will this work in the in the T2 turbo?
    2. Why would my 2004 N3 havea lower part number (38770-HW2) than the older 2003 Turbo (38770-HW3)
    3. On Ebay I see ECU's with number 38770-HW1 that claim to work in the 2003 T2, do I have the wrong ECU in the T2 turbo?
    4. What range of ECU part numbers can I use in 2003 T2 Turbo?

    Thank you very much!!!!

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    Nov 2020

    Default Re: COrrect ECM for 2003 T3

    I had to purchase one this summer for my 2002. Part number is different by one number for the new one,

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