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    Jun 2016

    Default 750/780 owners help PLEASE

    I bought a 780 hull and had a 750 motor in it actually. Got a good deal on it and it ran when I got it. Long story short, I cleaned the carbs, because it would only run if I was constantly moving the choke with the throttle.
    Ended up needing rebuild. Rebuilt whole crank and cylinders/Pistons and all. Diaphragms and all looked good in carbs. Put back together and now it seems like cylinder closest to the front of the ski donkey is getting warmer than the rest. Haven't temp shot it yet, and also if I give it WOT, it bogs. It's bored 0.75mm over and I cleaned carbs and turned jets all the way in and 2 complete turns out, for every one. Was told 1.5 but wanted to riches it up since I ran it lean last time resulting in a rebuild :((

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    Mar 2019

    Default Re: 750/780 owners help PLEASE


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