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    Oct 2008

    Default 1996 1100 ZXI won't go past 40mph

    Hello there, this has been asked before, but I've never seen anyone actually answer it. I have a 1996 1100 ZXI that i bought with some electrical issues. Someone had stuck a 30 amp fuse in place of the 10, melted the ground wire between the rectifier and stator connector, replaced that, replaced the rectifier, and eventually found they had installed the starter solenoid without the grommets in place so it was grounding out. Got all that fixed, she runs great, took her out on the water, and i'm doing about 40 mph (according to the highly innacurate speedo lol, but i did install a new sensor wheel on it) at about 6-6500 rpm. Compression measures 90 across the board, i know that's a little low but i'm hoping this cheap rental gauge may be a bit inaccurate. Brother in law is gonna bring his borescope so we can have a better look, but running wise it seems to be fine. took the carbs apart, everything looked really clean. I'm thinking maybe an electrical issue but i have fire on all three cylinders, and when you pull plug wires you do get a drop on each cylinder. I have read something about a limp mode? I wonder if i'm stuck in that maybe? I checked out the prop (someone broke the bolts off the pump housing so the intake grate is not on there... i bought one but realized what had happened when i tried to install it.

    Let me back up and give a little more information though, So to get this thing running, i replaced the wire and those listed components, but when i got it all back together it still wouldn't start. No ground. Thought ah i don't have the box mounted in, so i just used a jumper wire to the case from the battery and she ran great. mounted the box and it still wasn't grounded. Does anyone know how the grounds on these things usually work? looking at the wiring schematic wasn't much help. I don't see how you ground to body in a fiberglass boat lol. I'm thinking maybe something else is broke, or if there is a bad ground connection somewhere else that is messing with the ground to my e box. ground wire going to motor is in good shape and is making a good connection.

    but as it stands my 750 zxi will keep up, and i'm pretty sure that one IS low on compression, and it still goes just fine.

    and 96 has the CDKII carbs, not the CVs. carbs looked great when i pulled them off, however when trying to bleed the straight gas out of the system where i bypassed the oil injection, i wasn't getting much at all out the return line. Took one fuel pump apart and it looked fine, and the issue i'm having doesn't seem to be a lean condition, when you engage the choke it does load up, so its not starving for fuel. accelerator pump is working like its supposed to as well.

    So that's where i'm at lol. any help or suggestions would be muchly appreciated :-D thank you!

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    Oct 2008

    Default Re: 1996 1100 ZXI won't go past 40mph

    One more thing i'm gonna try that I failed to mention, this thing, when i finally did get it to start, blew a TON of oil out the exhaust. I'm thinking they were cranking and cranking by bypassing the starter solenoid trying to figure out why it wouldn't work properly. I've only ran it for about two 10 minute spurts. Gonna take it out tomorrow and run it some more, i know weedeaters and chainsaws will leave oil in the bottom of the crank case, and when you turn them upside down they'll burn it out. May have to tip the ski some with it running and see if maybe that would help? I'm grasping at straws here lol

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