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Thread: ar210 2008

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    Jan 2017
    New york

    Default ar210 2008

    i bought this boat used, she has been good to us, i would like to do some maintenance on the both pumps.
    nothing has been done on this boat and i think its time. normal oil and plugs that is about it.

    i would like to do bearings, props and anything else recommended. i do notice more pump(chatter from port side).
    please give me your input. recommendations please. spring is near by

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    Jun 2016
    Clearwater, Florida

    Default Re: ar210 2008

    This is a list of SBT parts to do the job.
    You will also need marine grease to pack the jet pump.

    Yamaha Jet Pump Rebuild Kit XL 1200 LTD /SUV /GP 1200 /GP 800R /XLT 1200 /FX 140 /GP 1200R /XLT 800:
    Jet Pump rebuild kit $ 44.95 each

    Yamaha Jet Pump Housing SUV /XL /GP /XR /SR /AR /SX /VX 66V 51312 01 94 1999-2006:
    Impeller housing with wear ring. $188.95 each

    Remanufactured OE Impeller Exchange:
    Reman impellers $69.95

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