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    May 2017

    Default 1998 ts 770 tigershark, geting to much feul

    i have a 1998 tigershark 770 and it seems to be geting to much fuel,

    SYMPTONS: starts fine,idles fine,runs good up to 1/8 throttle then from there to full throttle it seems like its geting held back and wont go any faster or clear out. its not a bog just seems like its flooding out, if i turn fuel to off it rips good for a few seconds till it needs fuel again then i turn it back on and it back to the same problem,

    took off carbs and cleaned/inspected them
    set to stock settings
    hose clamped and checked all fuel lines
    changed spark plugs
    drained fuel and put fresh fuel in

    and the first time i took it out after doin all this i forgot the fuel restricter (looks like a little brass jet) that goes in the fuel line from the accelerator pump to the carb on the pto side carb and it ran worse in lower rpms but got up to higher rpms and higher speeds without the resticter (brass jet thing that goes in fuel line from pump to carb)
    now that i put it back in it runs great at idle to 1/8 throttle but then just seems like its flooding out and cant burn fuel off till i turn gas off then it rips for a few seconds then it burns off all the fule then i need to turn gas back on then it goes back to the same thing.
    thanks for any help and advise.
    if some one can find a fuel line routing diagram that would be much appreciated also.
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