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    Apr 2004


    my brother-in-law ran over a marine rope with the 98 GTX and it sucked it up into the impeller. I cut it all out of the impeller shaft but it had gone pretty tight into where the shaft seals to the hull. Is there a seal there that could be damaged from this? How do I check it? Please help

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    Jun 2003
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    if your not leaking water into the hull you should be alright! listen for any weird noises,or viberations,that you didnt have befor you sucked up the rope.
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    Mar 2003


    No there is no hard seal. The only thing you have to watchout for when that happens, is the driveshaft bending. If you notice any vibration when you ride it next, STOP and replace the driveshaft or you will tear other things up in a hurry.
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