I purchased a 1996 Polaris sltx from a relative he had setting in his shed for 13yrs he got it after it was rolled over and never started to refurbish it, Any how I bought a SBT motor and replaced it then when i removed the cover on the stator to switch to the new engine turns out it sat with water for 13yrs, well i cleaned it up the best i could and what do ya know it ran.
I ran it several test runs about 4hrs total and lost spark so i thought must be the stator so that winter i bought a new SBT stator and upgraded CDI now this spring i replaced the stator and still no spark, I purchased a kill / tether switch and replaced that that wasn't the problem so i bought a new coil and wires, still no spark,so after reading in the forums i decided to buy a voltage regulator, still no spark, So i replaced the circuit board. The cdi is putting pulses to the coil but i'm at a stand still don't know where to go from here. Any idea's that anyone has would be very appreciated.
I read in the forums here about moving the red purple wire to the pink on the circuit board but when i do that the bilge pump starts running.