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    Jul 2017
    Terre Haute, IN.

    Angry Horrible quality

    Just this year alone I have got 3 of 8 or 9 starters now junk. 1 never worked, 1 got around 3 hours while breaking a new SBT engine in. , and now this one started a new SBT engine literally 5 times to adjust idle and low speed and now it wont crank. I have another one new in the box awaiting a 99 XPL. Think I will just send it back. Do you guys realize how much of a PITA it is to keep changing starters on these things? I have heard ALOT of bad floating around the internet about SBT. Starting to believe its true.

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    Jun 2016

    Default Re: Horrible quality

    I apologize for any issues you are having with our starters. If you would, please call our warranty department concerning the bad starters, so we can get you taken care of. We would definitely like to get those starters back to see what the root cause of the problem is. Especially since you have gotten so many.

    Please call SBT @ 877-330-0231 and ask for the warranty department.

    Thanks, SBT Tech Support.

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