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    Mar 2002
    Hallandale Beach, Florida


    Since this 97GTX (157 hrs.) is having the crank shaft replaced, do you think it is worth going the extra mile and having the whole engine replaced? If not the whole engine any key parts other than the gaskets? The primary rider is a woman who rarely goes full throttle (if that makes a difference)?

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    Jun 2001
    Southeast Texas


    Who's doing the labor? If you're having a shop do the labor, by the time they're through doing all the work, you'll probably spend about the same amount of money as doing an engine swap with SBT.

    If you're doing all the labor, you'll probably come out ahead doing the crank and top end (unless the pistons/cylinders still look almost perfect - you could then do a top end later whenever it is needed). Even then, it'll be easier on you to trade in the 787 engine complete and get a "drop-in" motor from SBT.

    My whole answer above may be a mute point. If you've got the engine torn down and are wondering about the rotary valve and gears, counterbalancer, RAVE's etc, I think a good inspection should suffice. If they look good then re-use.

    Just my opinion after having helped my neighbor with his '97GSX engine rebuild.


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    Feb 2001
    Glendora, Ca.


    I suggest you replace the whole motor. Rarely is the rest of the motor in great condition if the crankshaft has gone bad. There is usually some rust in the clyinders and normal wear on the brass gear, rotary surface, ect.

    An exchanged motor from SBT will assure that the job is done right the first time, and be cheaper and easier in the long run. Plus, you get a warranty.
    Bill O'Neal WCM
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