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    Jul 2018

    Default 99 Yamaha xl1200 Limited: Leak Down Test - Reed Block Gasket

    On the Reed valve assembly there's a rubber gasket on both sides. I believe they're original and causing some air to get in between the reed assembly and reed valve plate. Reason I'm thinking this is because on the rear cylinder carb the plate on the side facing the reeds it looks blemished. It looks like pitting but it actually isn't and not sure what's causing this. Does SBT offer a gasket for the reed assembly? Any thoughts you have are appreciated. BTW I'm doing a vacuum test and not pressurizing the engine.

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    Jun 2016
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    Default Re: 99 Yamaha xl1200 Limited: Leak Down Test - Reed Block Gasket

    SBT does not. The only option that I know of is to purchase the OEM Yamaha read blocks.

    Click image for larger version. 

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