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    Jun 2018
    Reisterstown Md

    Default R.p.m. Gage 96 s.t.s.750??

    Can I set my idle speed by the rpm readout ? Is it very accurate? I did have it at 1600x on the hose. Now in the water is close to 2000x.I do notice how clean my pistons appear when fogging after use. The top end speed with approx 320# aboard this 3seater seems to be 7400x theres still some trigger left. will Idling down give me more top end? or has this engine seen better days?A compression test I have not done.

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    Jun 2018
    Reisterstown Md

    Default Re: R.p.m. Gage 96 s.t.s.750??

    This monster had been sitting for probably a year without use. I wouldn't have been able to get it back on the water so quickly without the patient feedback of your forum's Thank you SBT.

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