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    Sep 2018

    Default The problem of pop off yamaha 1200R

    hello sorry for my english but I need help and I have a problem with Yamaha 1200 2003 I did a major overhaul of cylinders with pistons. After a 15 minutes of work, the oil pump refused again. I did not get a mixture. Now I have done the carburets repairs and adjustments as it was described in the posts and set the pop off valve at 24 psi and now it floods so that the candles dripping fuel please for a hint how to set this valve what should be the value in psi thank you for your answer

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    Jun 2016
    Clearwater, Florida

    Default Re: The problem of pop off yamaha 1200R

    Needle and Seat should be 1.2
    Spring should be Gold.
    This should create pop off pressure in the 60-65 PSI range.
    That should take care of the problem.
    We have this kit in stock that should take care of everything.
    66V-W0093-01-00 CARBURETOR REPAIR KIT 1 362.99
    Shop SBT W/ Cycle Springs Powersports 2003 Yamaha XLT1200 WAVERUNNER 3-PERSON | CARBURETOR Parts List

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