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    Oct 2018
    Brooklyn NY

    Question Yamaha 97 Waverunner Engine races during flush

    When I start engine flush on 97 Yamaha Waverunner, the engine starts racing uncontrollably. Must stop flush using emergency shut down by pulling string off handlebar. Very afraid I will blow engine. Other symptoms include engine conks out sometimes when doing quick accelerate onto dock - don't know if that is related. Otherwise, ski performs ok and makes up to 42mph out on the water and there is no uncontrollable engine racing. I've heard this may be a vaccume leak. What should I be looking for?

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    Jun 2016
    Clearwater, Florida

    Default Re: Yamaha 97 Waverunner Engine races during flush

    Not a vacuum leak, an air leak into the crankcase.
    Possible crank seals leaking.
    Intake manifold, or carb gaskets leaking.

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