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    Sep 2018

    Default 1997 gp1200 hesitation

    So I rebuilt my carbs recently. For jets I kept the stock 135 mains but went with 100 pilots and 1.5 n&s with 95g springs. I changed the pilots because the original staggered setup was used due to the inconsistent air flow through the stock air box, I added flame arrestors. I was advised that 1.5 n&s is stock but later found out that 1.2 is stock. ANYWAY, dropped the ski in today and the thing runs rough until 4k rpm, then it's fine. I mean even at like 1/4 throttle it just doesn't sound smooth at all. If I punch it, the ski doesn't cut off, it just sounds like its missing as it's accelerating until it reaches 4k, then it's smooth. The ski doesn't bog out and cut off on me. I was having this same problem before I rebuilt the carbs, just no where near as bad. As far as starting the ski goes, it's amazing. I cranked it up then went to bed and 12 hours later the thing started instantly. Idling is fine, put some new plugs in When I was assembling the carbs, the middle carb n&s was leaking. I tried swapping out another n&s and the problem still remained. I also tried increasing spring tension but that didn't remedy the problem either. Maybe I need to play with the low speed needle settings? I just didn't wanna get stranded in the bay by myself screwing with the carb settings, I'm usually out with a friend. I replaced the fuel filter and the fuel line that runs to the carbs because the old one was too taut. I used 1/4" line because I couldn't find 6mm.Any thoughts? This is my first time rebuilding carbs/tuning . I took all of the carbs apart before final assembly to make sure I didn't miss any parts.Thanks alot!Chris
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    Sep 2018

    Default Re: 1997 gp1200 hesitation

    Been trying to figure out why my ski has been hesitating and running shitty after a carb rebuild, so decided to replace the head gasket. Does this look normal at all ?Click image for larger version. 

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    Dec 2018

    Default Re: 1997 gp1200 hesitation

    Click image for larger version. 

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    all i can say is: this is from a '97 exciter 220 (almost identical motor)

    this was ran hard and put up wet by the previous owner, he said it sounded amazing and ran like a champ.

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