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    Oct 2018
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    Exclamation 717 in 97 Seadoo speedster lost compression

    Hi guys I have a 97 Seadoo speedster with the twin 717 rotax engines (single carb on each engine) and I recently purchased carb kits and drive line repair kits for it. Very impressed with the quality, so thank you!

    Unfortunately, after the carb rebuild I started the engines hooked to the hose to sync idle with my multi meter which was approximately 3200 rpm on the trailer. Towards the end of this process (maybe 2 minutes per engine at different times) my driver side engine had a back fire. I figured I may have had the high and low speed settings off a bit, so I re adjusted those 1 3/4 and 0 pop off pressure was approximately 40 psi on each carb. I took the boat out to test and it ran great for aproxy 1.5hrs non stop. Both engines fired up with no hard start issues idled in sync, once I was able to be WOT they both accelerated in sync with no hesitation no cavitation no load up. It was a clean crisp acceleration. I made several laps came back to idle and all was well. I then went WOT once more, with no issues or hesitations and then I felt my driverside engine start to ďbogĒ and fluctuate the Rpms when in WOT. I came down to idle and instantly that engine cut out and wouldnít fire back up. Pulled the boat from the water and the engine still cranked over and tried to run but just couldnít.
    Once back home I used a MAC tools compression gauge and the cylinder closest to the rear of the boat read around 123 psi and the cylinder closest to the front of the boat read 28 psi.

    At this point itís safe to say I ran lean right? Iím assuming it was due to re-using the carb base gasket since it didnít seem to be bad, causing an air leak and to run lean. Iím terribly sorry for typing so much right now, but Im planning on doing a cylinder head exchange but wanted to try and fix the issue before putting on New cylinder heads.

    With that said, I want to purchase the kit (62-105-1) which I believe is the correct kit, but I just want to make sure that I donít need to purchase any other gaskets or kits etc. Iíd like to order it all in one shot. thanks in advance guys. I really appreciate the help you have given me in the past and for the quality parts I recently received from you guys!

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    Mar 2019

    Default Re: 717 in 97 Seadoo speedster lost compression

    62-105-1 Would be the correct cylinder exchange for you. As far as just saying that it leaned out examining the pistons for how they failed will help you determine what is the cause of the failure. Normally, if a piston failed and is damaged and rounded off on the exhaust side then this would be indicative of a lean condition.

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