Hey everyone,

New to the forum here. I picked up a pretty nice 96 XP the other day and the VTS system worked as it should. I got it home and cleaned the inside of the hull with a bleach/water mix to get rid of some bad mold that had formed over the last 3 years it had been sitting. Now when I plug in the lanyard I hear no BEEP BEEP and the VTS motor runs nonstop without touching any of the switches. Gauge indicates that the trim is all the way up but when you look at the nozzle it is jammed all the way down. I think its supposed to be the other way around? I tested the switches and both were fine, checked all fuses in the MPEM and the box next to the battery where the coil is located. Neither box showed any signs of water intrusion. Traced all of my connections from the VTS and all looked fine. Could the VTS housing with the circuit board inside have just gone bad? Could i have gotten something wet when i rinsed the inside of the hull? I haven't found any information about anyone having this exact problem. Not sure what else to do at this point. any info would be appreciated.