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    Default New SBT 951 DI 5 Port - Oil Tank Exploded

    I have a newly installed SBT 951 DI 5 port cast fitting motor with less than 3 hours on it. The first time I put it in the water, after a 5-10 minute run, the oil alarm came on and the oil tank blew a hole in it and all the oil leaked into the engine compartment, so had to get towed back to the landing. My mechanic that installed the motor said this was caused because the oil compressor failed and the engine's top end failed.

    Here is little history: I never had issues with the oil pump and the oil alarm never came on for me, but after he installed the rebuilt SBT motor, he said the oil alarm came on, so he said he replaced the oil pump. When he received the boat back from me after the oil tank exploded, he said he removed the engine and replaced the "pan" on the bottom of the engine.

    What would cause the oil tank to explode? Is this "pan" part of the SBT motor and why would it need replacing?

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    Default Re: New SBT 951 DI 5 Port - Oil Tank Exploded

    This is a bit confusing.
    The oil tank is separate from the engine and is just a reservoir, you would need to put a significant amount of pressure into the tank to make it get a hole in it. The oil alarm is just operated via a float switch so if there was a hole in the oil tank and the oil drained out it would send a signal that you were out of oil.
    The pan on the bottom of the engine (which is reused from original engine) is a plastic cover that has water running through it for cooling purposes.

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