My 1998 STX 1100 is not running well. Seems like it is starving for fuel if you hit the throttle hard. If you pull the throttle lever slow the machine will gain speed and run up on plane. I just installed a new fuel pump. Gas has been pumped out and new fuel installed. I should say that I pre-mix the fuel and oil. New plugs installed when I uncovered the machine. I do that each year. Compression is good. 125 to 130 PSI in all three cylinders. All fuel lines on machine replaced at the end of last season. It ran well last season after the new fuel lines were installed. The machine has a fuel primer that worked well but now does not work as good as in the past. Could the fuel system be sucking air cause a lack of response when trying to accelerate. This machine has always performed well. I have owned the machine for 12 years. Any ideas would be appreciated.