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    May 2019
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    Default 99 GSX RFI Problems

    hello guys first time posting here, i recently acquired 2 99 gsx rfi's with the 787 70 hours on them one was in running condition the other i was told needed work, when i first got the ski i could get it to fire up but it did not want to rev past about 3k. if i put new plugs in it i could get it to rev higher but not for long. now the ski will not start i have checked compression 130 psi on each cylinder, i have a nice blue spark, fuel pressure is 56-60, i checked for injector pulse with a noide light they blink brighter then taper off to a small amount while cranking, i am not getting any codes on the candoo pro i also checked the rave valves to make sure they were not stuck. if the ski does try to fire it shuts off almost like it is killing the start signal... any help is greatly appreciated i would really like to see this ski run. i have also tried resetting the throttle position sensors zero with the candoo.

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    May 2019
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    Default Re: 99 GSX RFI Problems

    i have also replaced the battery and rectifier

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