Hello everyone,

Ive split this up into 2 parts 1 is the background/how i got it to run & 2 is the problem itself, thanks.

1. I have a 2001 Ultra 150 that's been sitting for 2-3 years because it was running rough and we noticed oil on the water and the cost to fix back them was as much as the ski. So I decided I'd try and figure out if I can fix it. After adding a little oil to the cylinders and ruining compression(cold), they are in normal range (120-130 psi on all 3). I siphoned the gas out, added some fresh gas, and it would crank but not start. I primed the carbs using a funnel attached to the gas lines and after that it started right up and i reconnected it to the tank line.

2. At this point I restarted the engine and turned on the water & started recording video( attached link). During this video, i noticed oil coming out of the exhaust and onto the ground. I wondered if one of the cylinders was misfiring and i pulled the plugs 1 by 1 to test. Pulling #3 (furthest back) and there was no noticeable difference. Pulled #2 slight drop in rpm, #1 stalls. I checked the oil pump cable and it seemed to be operating properly. I tested today with pre-mixed 50 to 1 and pinched off the oil lines going to the carbs only and used fresh spark plugs. Noticed a significant less amount of oil coming out of the exhaust as described in the earlier post. However, cylinder number three was still misfiring. I tested compressions again after letting the engine warm up and they are as follows 120 121 92 (front to rear) {initial cold compression was 130 125 120}. Tested for spark and all three cylinders have spark. I have attached pictures below of the spark plugs after running the engine for a couple minutes. Any advice eould be appreciated.



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