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    Jul 2020

    Angry SBT - slow delivery, long call hold times, poor overall service

    In the past 3 weeks I have purchased a variety of parts for my PWC from SBT. The first order took 10 days for standard USPS delivery from FL to the Northeast. The second order was placed on a Monday afternoon (should have shipped Tuesday) with a paid 2-day delivery. Today is exactly a week and I still have not received the item. I have a tracking number and confirmed 2-day Priority shipping. I realize SBT does not deliver their own products but they are responsible for holding their delivery partners accountable. I am not convinced SBT is getting the items to USPS in a timely manner (the tracking did not get updated for 4 days). This level of service, especially during peak boating season is not acceptable. Has anyone else had similar problems?

    The phone lines are a whole different issue. Many times the phone lines are busy. When they do get answered I have been placed on hold for as much as 50 minutes. Have others experience similar issues?

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    Default Re: SBT - slow delivery, long call hold times, poor overall service

    DAF – we apologize for your bad experience. We have been trying to react to an unpredicted huge increase in phone traffic. Although we have everyone on the phone, as we work with each customer’s individual requests and research, each call takes a certain amount time. We are constantly fielding calls and trying to get to the next customer as fast as possible. On-line ordering is faster at this time and may be the best choice for this summer for a quicker checkout.

    Regarding delivery services – we have fielded many calls of extended times for delivery. We have tried to work with FedEx and USPS, but their systems are overloaded as well and they have not been able to give us accurate updates or deliver on time. We do apologize, but all we can do is try to get it to the carrier as quickly as possible.

    We certainly wish your experience was better so you could get out on the water quicker. We’ll continue to strive to improve.
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    Ericka Buczkowski

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    Sep 2020

    Default Where is Administration

    Can I contact Administration? It is important. Regards.

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    Sep 2020

    Default Where is Administration

    Where is moderator?? It is about advertisement on your website. Thanks.

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    Jun 2020

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