In the past 3 weeks I have purchased a variety of parts for my PWC from SBT. The first order took 10 days for standard USPS delivery from FL to the Northeast. The second order was placed on a Monday afternoon (should have shipped Tuesday) with a paid 2-day delivery. Today is exactly a week and I still have not received the item. I have a tracking number and confirmed 2-day Priority shipping. I realize SBT does not deliver their own products but they are responsible for holding their delivery partners accountable. I am not convinced SBT is getting the items to USPS in a timely manner (the tracking did not get updated for 4 days). This level of service, especially during peak boating season is not acceptable. Has anyone else had similar problems?

The phone lines are a whole different issue. Many times the phone lines are busy. When they do get answered I have been placed on hold for as much as 50 minutes. Have others experience similar issues?