need help. 1995 yamaha wave venture 701 all coolant lines are routed correct, side pisser port is warm to the touch & becomes hotter as it runs. exhaust has melted the rubber connector & a slit showed up in the exhaust hose going to the muffler/water can. seems no water is getting to the exhaust or not enough. pulled hose off front of head,it has good flow, hose going to lower exhaust is teed into this hose, so off that tee it goes to the side port pisser. pulled all exhaust off-no restrictions,everything is clear. volumn of water coming out the side port seems to be a normal amount. when taking the exhaust apart i noticed the gasket only has a small type weap hole in it to feed the exhaust,is this normal-looking at new gaskets it seems correct. the large hose at top of exhaust only has steam coming from it no matter what rpm range it is in. looks like a 1/4 hose off the cylinder head tee is the only thing that feeds water to the exhaust(is this correct). fresh sbt engine, fresh carb rebuilds, just overheating the exhaust due to water flow. any help or suggestions would b greatly appreciated. absolutely no blockage were found in the exhaust,all clean. this issue seems to have shown up after the engine replacement, the original engine lost a wrist pin c-clip thus destroying the cyl liner, still ran with no heating issues. thanks to everyone ahead of time for any help u may offer.