I have a 2002 Honda turbo model I purchased this summer. I has been burn oil like crazy. A quart to 8 gallons of gas. It had an SBT sticker on the head and all the paint markings on different bolts for tamper proof on head, bock, timing tensioner.
I tore it down yesterday and found a skirt broken off #4 piston and the 20mm tub sleeve missing off the upper oil cooler. Cylinders look good with the bearing. Some parts went through the oil pump. The ski ran good with no loss of power. I really don't think all the oil loss was do to the piston.
It has SBT Standard pistons in it.
Here is the plan: Buy one new piston from SBT, Buy all new Honda rings. New oil pump assembly and a gasket kit with new sleeve, new screen in oil pan to replace the broken one.