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Thread: connecting rods

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    Apr 2003
    carrollton ga


    not sure how to explain this but ill try have a 93 sp project ski im working on ,pulled heads pistons look fine,well the whole motor looks great for a 93 un touched,when i split the crankcase i found my problem instantly now heres where i not sure on one of my rods thebearings are shot other is fine but according to microfiche you cant buy them or can you? i know the other parts have to be pressed,and i do know some one that will press it or do ijust need a new crank? thanks

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    Mar 2003


    you would be better off with a new crank because once you press the crank you need to make sure that it is true and still in phase.

    Also, make sure your pistons are ok. Usually when a bearing goes out it damages the piston and/or head.
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