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    Jan 2003


    My father asked me to work on his '97 GTI recently. We were planning to replace the plugs, and rebuild the carbs. Carbs were relatively clean, however, there was a lot of black stuff in the filter. He still has the bad fuel lines, but he will have to take care of that one.

    But here is the strange thing.... When we pulled the plugs, there was a strange clear gelatin like material in the tip of the plug. I fogged the heck out of the cylinders and spun the crank shaft by hand. There was no free water in the cylinders. The darkened piston tops were clearly visible. There was a slight rough spot while turning by hand that eventually disappeared while I rotated the crank. I fogged the cylinders heavy again.

    The old 720 then started right up after all of our work. More white material discharged from the exhaust system that was similar to what I found on the plugs. I ran her on the hose for a good 10 minutes, fogged it and shut the engine down. The boat does run in brackish water routinely with post use flushing.

    Any ideas on this one? I have never seen this before. I am not sure if I should do anything else prior to putting her on the water.

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    Feb 2004
    New Jersey


    pix would help :)
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