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    Nov 2003
    st. Louis


    I have a 1999 sea doo speedster, I am going to rebuild my carbs, the left engine stalls at normal idle at engine temp of cold or hot. If you keep the RPMs 3000 or above no problem.

    My question is, do you need to check the pop off pressure, if your are doing a strait cleaning rebuild, no modifications? If you don't let the boat idle below 3000 too long, the boat transitions from idle to full throtal flawlessly, it has fairly good power, jumps right on plain.

    Does the SBT kit contain factory set springs?

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    Mar 2003


    The kit does have some springs, but if you ever need to change springs you need to set them with a gauge, no two are exactly alike.

    And yes during a rebuild you should at least check your pressure, that tests your needle and seats - I suspect you have one or more that is leaking. You should see it around 35-40 psi stock.
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