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    Mar 2002
    Geelong, Australia, Near


    Hey Crew.

    WHAT is the secret to removing the starter c-clip on the end of the armature, to remove the starter clutch gear. WITHOUT having screw drivers stuck in your fingers.

    I realize you have to slide the sleeve back down and some how pry the c-clip off? :D

    There must be an easier WAY!! [img]/graemlins/angryfire.gif[/img]

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    Feb 2001
    Glendora, Ca.


    I use a vise to hold the sleeve back, then drive a small pointy old screwdriver that I ground down in behind the clip to bend the clip outwards. Using a second small screwdriver for a prybar, I pop the clip off.

    To seat the new clip, I get it started over the shaft and push it down to seat it. After placing the starter into the vise upside down, I use a 9/16ths (14mm) openend wrench placed over the top of the sleeve, and use a hammer to drive it down, over the clip.Pliers are necessary to squeeze the clip so that the sleeve can cover it. A second pair of hands can be useful, although it can be done by one person.
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