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Thread: gas quality

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    Aug 2001


    The previous post about octane is pretty common knowledge, for people running two-strokes. But my question is, and the common belief among my friends is the higher the octane ( even mid-grade 89 or 90) is safer for the risk of contamination. Meaning water in fuel. I just went through this yesterday, I had filled up the ski with 87 octane(bone stock), and after half a tank, started getting surges, rough idle, high idle, hard starts. I added iso-heet and topped the tank off with mid-grade 90. Yesterday I went through that tank, and two more. No more problems since then.
    I have had this happen in sleds, ski's, and even the 4-stoke atv once. I can always add heet (isoprypol), and it takes care of it. The fuel is coming from various stations. I also thought that was why Yamaha came out with the D.C.S. system on the new sleds. poor quality gas.

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    Feb 2001
    Clearwater, FL


    There is ZERO correlation between contamination and physical octane level of the gas. It may simply be that stations in your particular area have really old, crappy tanks, and the 87 resivours have been emptied and refilled many more times than the higher octanes (87 does sell much more than any other), and the tanks are probably worn. That's simply an indicator of bad gas stations - it has nothing to do with the gas that left the factory.

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