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    Aug 2001


    I have been in the process of draining the last guy's regular oil and replacing it with synthetic.

    I changed the oil filter and lines, drained the tank, but I have a question about the return line from the engine to the top of the tank.

    This hose still has regular oil, is it safe to disconnect from tank and drain. Should this line have oil in it in order for it to be safe to start.

    Is it necessary to do a oil pressure check as it states in the manual? If I bleed the lines to remove any air bubbles how do I know when there are no more? Am I looking for major air gaps or what?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Feb 2001
    Clearwater, FL


    Yes, it's perfectly fine to disconnect the line and drain it. It's gravity fed, and will fill the case backup when you dump oil in the tank.

    When you remove the bleed screw, it only take a min or two to let the air run up the line. No biggie. The flow check in the manual doesn't do squat for tellign you if it's flowing correctly. unless you have the capability of spinning it at 7000 RPM and measuring the output to it's calibration, you can't know if it's working right.

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