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    May 2003
    Rockford, IL


    At the junctionwhere the v-band clamp joins the pipe and exhaust manifold there is an exhaust leak.

    I have just replaced the rubber bushings holding the lower part of the exhaust to the engine as well as had the stud in the exhaust manifold machined off since it had broken. Put it all back together and have an exhaust leak.

    Should I put two of the copper plates in to take up any excess clearance there? All surfaces are very clean. Possibly the clamp needs to be replaced but it looks to be in good shape.

    Your advice is greatly appreciated - thanks in advance.

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    Feb 2001
    Glendora, Ca.


    No do not put two copper rings in the joint. It is a very common thing to not have the pipe seated correctly at that joint.

    The most frequient problem with aligning the pipe is that people try to do it with any of the bolts tight, either the headpipe bolts or the mount bolts. They all must be loose so that you are free to move around the pipe.

    Use Orange high-temp silicone in that joint to help seal it. Make sure both pieces of the pipe are seated properly before you tighten the pipe clamp.

    Keep trying, you can do it. Getting someone to help hold the pipe while you tighten the clamp is a plus........

    When I rebuild motors, or remove motors, I rarely ever break that joint loose. The pipe will come out without splitting it. Some models require moving the motor a bit to one side, but they all come out without splitting the pipe joint.

    It saves from 30 minutes to and hour of agonizing work of putting the joint back together. Multiply that by the number of motors we do and you can see what it saves me in a year to know this trick.
    Bill O'Neal WCM
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