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Thread: fuel pressure

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    Sep 2002


    I am having trouble keeping an engine in my 99 GSX Ltd.

    I have carefully re-installed several engines and broke them in as directed, but they still start to seize from lack of fuel (not oil). From all my inspections, I think the carbs are set perfectly and the little filters are clear. A friend suggested that perhaps I'm loosing fuel pressure at higher rpms and that is causing the carbs to go lean. My pulse line is good and doesn't have any cracks.

    What else can I check, and what else would cause my engine to go lean? I'm out of ideas.

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    Nov 2003
    Glendora, CA


    Barring any air leaks, like in the rave valve line from the cases, or an engine air leak, try adjusting that carbureator on the clyinder that siezes to a richer mixture using the high speed adjuster.
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