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Thread: Water in hull

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    Aug 2001
    Americus, GA


    How much water in the hull is acceptable? I had a lot of water coming into the hull about a month ago. It would fill up in a matter of a few minutes. I took it out of the water and dumped the water. I then reinstalled the plug in the rear and backed it down into the water. It filled up (well at least above the drive shaft coupling.) I took it home and tightened up all the connections in the rear. This is where I could hear the water coming in. On the siphon bilge lines I replaced the zip ties with stainless steel hose clamps. It seems that I have eliminated about 99% of the water. The bottom of the hull still gets water in it, but it never gets above or even touches the drive shaft shroud. Is this normal? I ride pretty agressively, but have never had problems like this before. It is a 95 sl750.

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    Feb 2001
    Clearwater, FL


    No water is supposed to enter the hull from any kind of leak. You may have some get in from splashes or under the hood seals or something if you flip it, dunk it, etc. But there should be no water entering from any kind of leaks.

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