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    Jul 2001
    San Jose


    I took out my freshly rebuilt '95 SLX780 yesterday. Had 50/1 in the fuel tank. Oil injection tank full, and carb settings slightly richer than stock. Ran the 20% for half hour then cooled down. Ran the 50% for about 20 minutes then noticed someone forgot to put back oil cap. It was wide open. Doubt that any water got in for 20% but a whole lot entered during the 50%. Called it a day and later checked the injection lines leading to the carb. All three were injecting pure water. It ran fine and I'll continue breaking it in after purging the water. What kind of damage can this cause and will it show up later to bite me?

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    Feb 2001
    Clearwater, FL


    Man....this could be bad. It all depends on exactly HOW long you were injecting water! The 50:1 pre-mix is the only thing that even let it stay running, instead of seizing up in half a second when the water first reached the case! You probably have some cylinder scoring, and some lower bearing damage - the water washes away the lubricating film on everything it touches when it's running. Luckily the pump doesn't inject all that much as far as quantity goes - but you're darn lucky it was during break-in with the extra oil!

    Purge the oil system VERY well, bleed the lines, prime the injection lines, and cross your fingers.

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