Quicky overview
1. Are the Reeds busted?
2. Where is TDC?
3. Are the cylinder heads numbered 1-3?

Hi, I just bought a 94 SLT 750 that supposedly had been hydrolocked and then left sitting at the dealers storage for the past year.

I'm no pro, but I beleive the reeds(sorry if I am spelling this wrong every time) are a peice of flat metal with a hole in it and a metal flap that works like a one way valve. They only let air/gas mixture into the crank case, but not out. Ok. The crank was filled with oil before it was stored, I don't know how much though, but I should tell you this so you have some bearing on what I am saying next.

With the carbs off, I can feel the reeds, two per carb. Each one, as I press it slightly, are not inverted. When I press slightly, I can feel the metal against metal with a drop of oil inbetween come apart alot like the feel of a magnet holding the reed itself against the base.

What do you think of this, sound good so far?

The mechanic told me the reeds were blown out from the water. He said he remembers turning the ski on it's side to dump the water out of the engine when it first came into the shop. He said later on that it was a year ago and he isn't sure about anything he did to it, but pull the carbs off.

I did a quick check if the crank was twisted with a 1/2 inch wood stick, 12 inches long, and one of the pistons up as far as it could be and measured the other two, it looked equal distance to me. I measured with my fingernail indent on the wood. Is there a top dead center mark on the flywheel timing hole. My #1 piston(closest to flywheel) TDC was roughly in the middle of a metal weight on the fly wheel.
Are each cylinder head numbered? I have a #1 on #1 and #2 on #2 and a #2 on #3 cylinder. So I have two heads with the #2 on them.

Thanks for the help already.

P.S. My seat is black with something(mildew?). What's the best way to clean it?

Is there a breakdown of parts used and how they go together located on the web? I know of one for tigershark, but couldn't find any polaris on the site. Thanks.